• Individual Courses:

    Expression provides opportunities - Through the abundant pool of training programs and various subjects-matter - For you to attain knowledge, skills, and competencies. Proper training has specific goals of improving one’s capabilities, capacity, and performance. It forms the core of apprenticeships and provides the backbone of efficient content. At Expression Institute for Private Training, We are very adept at upgrading and updating your communication, interpersonal, life, and professional working skills through maintaining standardized and effective methods that suit your lifestyle, personality, time, career demands, orientation, background experience, knowledge, objectives, and overall general skills. You seek the solution; we offer the ultimate experience of learning.

  • Corporate Courses:

    The tense job market and rocky economy is driving rapid changes in the corporate training sector. It is no longer good or sufficient enough to boost employees’ productivity, but rather it has become mandatory to professionally develop employees in order to maintain retention and keep the training investment in-house. Organizations are pushing hard to build up satisfied, productive and effective workforce, and the key challenge is to find cost-effective and high-quality learning solutions to make the learning process more than an event. Expression offers its corporate clientele an ample chance of making use of its various innovative training programs that have proven to be of utmost significance in developing and enhancing employees’ performance and interpersonal organizational skills. Some of these training programs tackle in depth subject matters of management, leadership, professional development, advanced business correspondence, customer service orientation, executive English, English programs of different levels, business competency, marketing, and many more. Having the training our way is indeed a very enriching and enthralling experience of discovery.

  • International Examinations

    International examinations preparatory training courses are conducted to help trainees understand, practice, use, and become familiar with various test taking techniques and strategies. These program further help trainees enhance their academic and language skills in specific area of choice.

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