• About US

    We are very delighted to wholeheartedly welcome you through the following pages, and looking forward to answering your inquiries and questions about our training center and programs.
    The solid integration of our core values, mission, philosophy, perseverance, candor, integrity, and efficient planning, had undoubtedly and significantly contributed to our success in the field of language, management, integrated subject-matters, and business training.
    This has been clearly demonstrated in the rapid expansion of Expression locally and regionally and the constant demand by some of the major companies in Kuwait for our modern-non-traditional approach in providing learning strategies and solutions.
    We, at Expression, have always sought out the latest and most up-to-date methodology in training; however, our main objective and mission have always been sincere in approaching and dealing with our clients; believing that human relations and transparency are essentially perpetual in developing and maintaining mutual trust with corporate and individuals.
  • History of Expression

    Expression Institute for Private Training, and in affiliation with Direct English – Linguaphone Group, a world leading provider of language training solutions that has an industry experience of over 100 years and with over 250 centers in more than 90 countries around the world. – obtained the exclusive rights to deliver the Direct English system in the local regional markets.
    From the very beginning, the center had envisioned very specific objectives; understanding and meeting the language and training needs of the community.
    We incorporated a learning system that is based on a unique cyclical pedagogical syllabus that focuses on comprehension and teaching conversational English.
    We added numerous values and methods to ensure numerous training points are equally covered and that learning the language would be best acquired from materials based on a sound practical system that has been developed by experts in English language training.
    Today, Expression has dominated the realm of training not only in the field of English, but rather moved into the circle of providing other learning solutions in management and business studies; this growing potentiality is found in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.
  • Philosophy

    Our philosophical approach is highly practical and straight forward; we offer unbeatable flexibility and value for money in providing learning solutions. This is to ensure that each and every trainee is treated with equal respect and sincerity. We place higher values on our trainees' needs.

  • Mission

    A top-quality leading solution provider in the field of English language, management, business, soft skills, communication, and interpersonal organizational training with the best built-in training methodology.
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